08.2019 Struggle for gods - why we need to create our own AGI/superAI locally.

It's written by me, short story published in Polish newspaper. Translated.



After a 5 years I write editorials again for one of largest local newspaper in Poland - Kurier Ilawski. Talk of the town but also about new technologies, future, space, artificial intelligence & AGI. Series title is "Think interplanetarly, act locally"

24.06. 2019

Two weeks ago I have started to teach young people basics of artificial intelligence and quantum computing in public library in ILAWA, Poland. I hope that during next months I will be able also to add classes of brain-computer interface, crispr/cas and some others. Next year plan is to help with developement of 200 young people.

Goal is to create here, in next 10-15 years, something which resemble Institute for Advanced Study when they began 90 years ago.

19th February 2019 - I was on public meeting with Dr Michio Kaku, renowned physicist. He visited Poland to celebrate the 546th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus/ Mikolaj Kopernik. He was talking also about digital immortality and Kardashev scale.

31th January 2019 - a few words about what's new in the project

14th January 2019

I started a new phase in project by giving a speech in public library in ILAWA, Poland.

First we'll gain support from local community, then country, then Europe/World.